rodriquezMaria Rodriguez has over 20 years of real world work experience as a surgical coordinator and sales professional in the healthcare industry. She has managed medical facilities and has a proven track record of achieving consistent revenue growth for organizations. When it comes to working with her clients, Ms. Rodriguez has both a consultative and strategic sales approach. She is a proactive problem solver which she has demonstrated consistently in her handling of complex opportunities and accounts.
Ms. Rodriguez has worked with several dermatologists who have patient populations exceeding 4000 in number, which, in turn, have generated annual revenues in the millions of dollars. She has also assisted in the development of new aesthetic services for an established medical facility resulting in consistent revenue growth yearly. Ms. Rodriguez was responsible for implementing quality control procedures which resulted in improved patient safety and has been the creative force in implementing plans to better utilize staff experience and talents to achieve greater operating efficiencies.
Ms. Rodriguez has a B.S. in HealthCare Administration with a concentration in HealthCare Management from the University of Phoenix in Pasadena, California.
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