Perfect Image understands the unique concerns, challenges and issues affecting Women of Culture. We are targeting the “Best of the Best” physicians and experts who specialize in treating all skin types. According to projections from the U.S. Census Bureau, by the year 2050, people of culture (African Americans, Asians, Latinos, Ethnic Groups in the Middle East and other ethnicities) will account for approximately half of the U.S. population.

The American Association of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS), reported that some minority groups use to have mixed feelings about undergoing surgical changes that might appear to renounce their ethnic culture.  Experts now reveal that one of the prevailing reasons that there is a climate of acceptance on plastic and cosmetic surgery among all groups, may be directly attributed to mainstream media groups publicizing the appealing results of these procedures.  Women of Culture are now embracing plastic surgery to correct disharmonies and reduce the signs of aging without compromising their ethnic heritage. AAFPS reported that “there is not one standard of beauty by which all persons can be compared; instead, the objective is to look our best – and this transcends cultural and racial boundaries.”

With the rising tide of the U.S. economy, Women of Culture are in a desirable position to use their disposable income for cosmetic surgery rejuvenations.  Plastic surgeons must be educated on the unique aesthetic needs of these ethnic groups and, at the same time, deliver consistent satisfactory outcomes in order to successfully capture this rapidly growing market.

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